What is changestack.io?

changestack.io keeps track of the changes happening in your tech stack

It's all about changelogs and providing quick and easy access to them in one place. This, we believe, gives a better overview of all the changes that happen throughout a software stack. No more jumping around on different websites, GitHub repos or package changelog files.

Software has become extremely complicated with many layers of different moving parts and nowadays consists of dozens if not hundreds of smaller components, let's call them packages, that constantly change and there is no really convenient way to keep track of these changees. Until now, we hope!

This is where changestack.io steps in. An easy to use and super-simple web platform that collects as many of these changes from all kinds of package registries and whatnot to put them into that custom fancy stack feed of yours. Now it's fun to see where all the cool tools we're using are headed or what great new features, mods and bugfixes have been added to them. And btw: collections of commit messages are not changelogs!

We launched changestack.io on April 1st '21 and are still in a kind of "prototype mode", which means that the features provided and especially the change data available is far from perfect or complete. Quite the opposite, there is still a lot of work to do and we're on it!

But there's a way you can help, too. In case you're a package maintainer or developer and haven't done so yet, start a proper changelog!

There is already a standard for that - check out keepachangelog.com .

For some guidelines on proper versioning for your releases have a look at semver.org

Got questions or feedback? Drop us a message.

Have fun!