Release :: CARGO :: todo_lib :: 2.0.0

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[!] The todotxt low-level library is replaced with a new one [] Names of projects and contexts are case-sensitive now [+] Tag order in todo's subject is preserved [] Completing todos with recurrence and threshold date does not change threshold date [+] Todo completion now follows strict flag of todo's recurrence. Depending on the flag, the next due date is either calculated from previous due date or from the current date [] Every tag must have a non-empty value. Changing tag's value to an empty string removes the tag. [] if a todo is incomplete and has two dates in the beginning, only the first date is parsed as a creation date. The second date becomes part of a subject


Collection of utilities for todo.txt format

  • Release version 2.0.0
  • Release date Feb. 2, 2021
  • Log source N/A
  • Package CARGO :: todo_lib
  • Registry Cargo