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Release details

  • Refactor all modules to combine all common methods into a separate internal module: StreamFinder::\_Class to greatly simplify and eliminate redundant code. This should make creating new site modules much simpler (now most if not all functions other than "new()" should not be required in site modules unless it's necessary to override!
  • StreamFinder::Tunein - Add "-notrim" option to NOT trim extra "ad", misc. stuff from stream URLs (previously, and by default URLs are "trimmed" removing this stuff (after and including the first "?").
  • StreamFinder::Tunein, StreamFinder::IHeartRadio - Attempt to grab full description of podcasts (may include HTML, ie. links).
  • Misc. minor code cleanups found while converting.


Fetch actual raw streamable URLs from various radio-station, video & podcast websites.