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Release details

  • StreamFinder::Rumble: Fix failure to find any streams (Rumble chgd. their html slightly), and Add "-keep" option to limit / order the streams fetched (default: mp4,webm,any) - see updated docs.
  • StreamFinder::Apple: Remove (music samples no longer scrapable? (Much more complicated and I never use it - you only ever could get short sample clips - not full songs anyway! Also, misc. fixes/tweaks, also see last item below:
  • StreamFinder::Castbox: Added Album field.
  • StreamFinder::Spreaker: Fix failure to fetch anything (Spreaker chgd. their html a bit!). Also, added Album field, and additional check for possible AlbumArtist url.
  • StreamFinder::Google: Misc. fixes/tweaks, also see below:
  • Apple, Castbox, and Google: Add ability to fetch the first (latest?) podcast, and return all podcasts as an extended MP3 playlist (new "-playlist" option to the $station->get() function) - for podcast author's main page urls.


Fetch actual raw streamable URLs from various radio-station, video & podcast websites.