Release :: CRAN :: reporttools :: _1.0.9

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Release details

  • Modified formatting of p-values in tableX-functions. Thanks to Patrick McCormick for the hint.
  • Modified 'transformVarNames' from data$var1 to data[, "var1"]
  • Added 'pairwise.fisher.test'
  • Enabled more passing through of xtable arguments. Thanks to John Horton and Ivan Hanigan for the suggestion. Added to the help file for tableNominal how to have a caption on top of the table, instead of at the bottom, as was the previous default.
  • Added to help file of tableNominal how to enable repeating table names at the top of each page in the longtable format. Thanks to Ivan Hanigan for the suggestion.


reporttools: Generate "LaTeX"" Tables of Descriptive Statistics