Release :: CRAN :: reporttools :: _1.0.4

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Release details

  • added longtable option to table functions
  • modified prec command
  • default is now to provide a data.frame to vars
  • added JSS paper as vignette
  • added CITATION file
  • modified displayKbyC such that it can deal with subsets of v1 and v2 that do not contain all initial factor levels --> factor(., exclude = NULL)
  • modified disp such that it can handle vectors with missing values

reporttools\_1.0.3 (April 22, 2009)

  • removed 'summary' command from tableContinuous and tableDate
  • added option to use weights and subset to tableContinuous, tableDate, tableNominal
  • modified function 'disp'
  • Repaired third example in 'tableContinuous' help file

reporttools\_1.0.2 (March 4, 2009)

  • Changed input argument 'disp.cols' to 'stats' in tableContinuous and tableDate, added possibility to specify own functions as statistics
  • Added option to tableContinuous
  • In tableNominal, removed subscript in column titles if no group is provided
  • Corrected NAtoCategory to deal with missing factor levels
  • Corrected displayKbyC to properly deal with missing levels
  • Modified transformVarNames according to suggestion of S. Haile


reporttools: Generate "LaTeX"" Tables of Descriptive Statistics