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============== * market.api.process: added currency\_pair param (non backwards compatible!) * market specific market.api.query functions optimization * market.api.process: added optional (user customized) api.dict param * error handling rewritten * market.api.process: api.dict: actions extended (note the market.api.query already handle all actions/methods): ticker, wallet, open\_orders, order\_book, place\_limit\_order, cancel\_order, trades * market.api.process: api.dict: market currency pairs extended (note the market.api.query already handle all currency pairs), currently supported: * mtgox: BTCUSD * bitstamp: BTCUSD * btce: LTCUSD, LTCBTC * kraken: BTCEUR, LTCEUR * btce param 'method' moved to 'req' list object (non backwards compatible!) * blockchain.api.query rewritten to use extended API in JSON, fixed missing @export


Rbitcoin: R & bitcoin integration