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doing 1.0.8pre
  • JSON output option to view commands
  • Added autotagging to tag command
  • date filtering, improved date language
  • added doing on command
  • let view templates define output format (csv, json, html, template)…
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doing 1.0.7pre
  • fix for -v option
  • Slightly fuzzier searching in the grep command
  • cleaner exits, only\_timed key for view configs
  • making the note command append new notes better, and load existing notes in the edito…
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doing 1.0.4pre
  • Improved HTML output
  • --only\_timed option for view/show commands that only outputs items with elapsed timers (interval between start and done dates)
  • add seconds for timed items in CSV output, run --…
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doing 1.0.3pre
  • done command: making --took modify start time if --back isn't specified
  • Cleaned up time totals, improved HTML output
  • fixes for --back and --took parsing
  • Adding more complete terminal reporting to ar…
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doing 1.0.0pre
  • Skipped ahead in the version numbering. Because I don't care.
  • Added a note command and --note flags for entry creation commands
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doing 1.0.93
  • Gemfile error logo
doing 1.0.91
  • "taskpaper" format available for all output options
  • "markdown" format available for all output commands (GFM-style task list, customizable template)
  • --rename option for tag command to replace tags
  • -…
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doing 1.0.90
  • Minor fix for shell command in doing select
  • Fix for doing finish --auto when matched item is last in list
  • doing finish --auto now pulls from all sections, not just the section of the target entry
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doing 1.0.89
  • Pretty print JSON output
  • --no-menu option for select command to use --query as a filter and act on matching entries without displaying menu logo
doing 1.0.88
  • Add --before and --after time search to yesterday command
  • Add --before and --after date search to search/grep command
  • Add --tag_order to yesterday command
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doing 1.0.87
  • Add leading spaces to make %shortdate align properly, at least for the last week
  • Add --tag, --bool, and --search to view command
  • Add --before and --after date search to view command
  • Add --before and…
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doing 1.0.86
  • Add count config option for templates->recent
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doing 1.0.85
  • Fix --auto for finish command
  • Add --before DATE_STRING to archive and rotate commands
  • Only create on rotate file per day, merge new entries into existing file
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doing 1.0.84
  • rotate command for archiving entries to new file
  • Fixed current_section config key not being honored in some commands
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doing 1.0.83
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doing 1.0.82
  • Bugfixes
FIX logo
doing 1.0.81
  • fzf menu improvements
  • allow multiple selections doing select action menu
doing 1.0.80
  • Convert all menus to fzf screens logo
doing 1.0.79
  • Gem missing fzf
  • Wildcard tag removal using doing select -t "tag*" -r
  • fzf menu display polish logo
doing 1.0.78
  • If no action is specified with select command, an interactive menu is presented
  • add output action select command with formatting and save options
  • Don't link urls in html output that don't have a pro…
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A tool for managing a TaskPaper-like file of recent activites. Perfect for the late-night hacker on too much caffeine to remember what they accomplished at 2 in the morning.