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Releases logo 1.6.2
  • Add AsyncResultCallback to allow users to handle errors when using asynchronous message sending.
ADD logo 1.6.1
  • Add another fix for Close called twice in Async
ADD FIX logo 1.6.0
  • Add support for ppc64le
  • Fix unexpected behaviors&panic around Close
ADD FIX logo 1.5.0
  • Add ForceStopAsyncSend to stop asynchronous message transferring immediately when close() called
  • Fix to lock connections only when needed
  • Fix a bug to panic for closing nil connection
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ADD FIX logo 1.4.0
  • Add RequestAck to enable at-least-once message transferring
  • Add Async option to update sending message in asynchronous way
  • Deprecate AsyncConnect (Use Async instead)
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  • Add SubSecondPrecision option to handle Fluentd v0.14 (and v1) sub-second EventTime (default: false)
  • Add WriteTimeout option
  • Fix API of Post to accept msgp.Marshaler objects for better performance
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ADD FIX logo 1.2.1
  • Fix a bug not to reconnect to destination twice or more
  • Fix to connect on background goroutine in async mode
FIX logo 1.2.0
  • Add MarshalAsJSON feature for message objects which can be marshaled as JSON
  • Fix a bug to panic for destination system outage
ADD FIX logo 1.1.0
  • Add support for unix domain socket
  • Add asynchronous client creation
ADD logo 1.0.0
  • Fix API of Post and PostWithTime to return error when encoding
  • Add argument checks to get map with string keys and struct only
  • Logger refers tags (msg or codec) of fields of struct
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ADD FIX logo 0.6.0
  • Change dependency from ugorji/go/codec to tinylib/msgp
  • Add PostRawData method to post pre-encoded data to servers
ADD UPDATE logo 0.5.1
  • Lock when writing pending buffers (Thanks eagletmt) logo 0.5.0
  • Add TagPrefix in Config (Thanks hotchpotch)
ADD logo 0.4.4
  • Fixes runtime error of close function.(Thanks y-matsuwitter)
FIX logo 0.4.3
  • Added method PostWithTime(Thanks [choplin])
ADD logo 0.4.2
  • Use sync.Mutex
  • Fix BufferLimit comparison
  • Export toMsgpack function to utils.go
FIX logo 0.4.1
  • Remove unused fmt.Println
REMOVE logo 0.4.0
  • Update msgpack library ("" -> "")