Release :: HMBRW :: zbar :: 0.23.1

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Release details

  • Add i18n translation support and add a pt\_BR translation
  • Change default to autodetect python and gtk versions
  • Improve tests and builds on travisCI
  • Some documentation updates
  • Add support for binary data extraction
  • Add support for raw decoding without charset conversions
  • Add one shot scanning mode
  • Improved OSX and iphone support
  • Fix help messages
  • Fix some makefile issues
  • Fix error detection in video4linux read
  • Fix pkgconfig for zbar-qt5
  • Fix a double-free condition


Suite of barcodes-reading tools

  • Release version 0.23.1
  • Release date N/A
  • Log source N/A
  • Package HMBRW :: zbar
  • Registry Homebrew