Release :: HMBRW :: zsh-syntax-highlighting :: 5.2.

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Release details

Whilst under development, the new implementation was known as the "feature/redrawhook" topic branch. - Fixed: Highlighting not triggered after popping a buffer from the buffer stack (using the push-line widget, default binding: M-q) [#40] - Fixed: Invoking completion when there were no matches removed highlighting [#90, #470] - Fixed: Two successive deletes followed by a yank only yanked the latest delete, rather than both of them [#150, #151, #160; cf. #183] - Presumed fixed: Completing $(xsel) results in an error message from xsel, with pre-2017 versions of xsel. (For 2017 vintage and newer, see the issue for details.) [#154] - Fixed: When the standard bracketed-paste-magic widget is in use, pastes were slow [#295] - Fixed: No way to prevent a widget from being wrapped [#324] - Fixed: No highlighting while cycling menu completion [#375] - Fixed: Does not coexist with the IGNORE\\_EOF option [#377] - Fixed: The undefined-key widget was wrapped [#421] - Fixed: Does not coexist with the standard surround family of widgets [#520] - Fixed: First completed filename doesn't get path highlighting [#632]

Other changes

  • Add issue #712 to the previous release's changelog (hereinafter).
Changes in 0.8.0-alpha1-pre-redrawhook

Notice about an improbable-but-not-impossible forward incompatibility

Everyone can probably skip this section. The master branch of zsh-syntax-highlighting uses a zsh feature that has not yet appeared in a zsh release: the memo= feature, added to zsh in commit zsh-5.8-172-gdd6e702ee (after zsh 5.8, before zsh 5.9). In the unlikely event that this zsh feature should change in an incompatible way before the next stable zsh release, set zsh\\_highlight\\_\\_memo\\_feature=0 in your .zshrc files to disable use of the new feature. z-sy-h dogfoods the new, unreleased zsh feature because that feature was added to zsh at z-sy-h's initiative. The new feature is used in the fix to issue #418.

Incompatible changes:

  • An unsuccessful completion (a ⮀ Tab press that doesn't change the command line) no longer causes highlighting to be lost. Visual feedback can alternatively be achieved by setting the format zstyle under the warnings tag, for example, zstyle ':completion:*:warnings' format '%F{red}No matches%f' Refer to the [description of the format style in zshcompsys(1)] zshcompsys-Standard-Styles-format. (#90, part of #245 (feature/redrawhook))

Other changes:

  • Document $ZSH\\_HIGHLIGHT\\_MAXLENGTH. [#698]
  • Optimize highlighting unquoted words (words that are not in single quotes, double quotes, backticks, or dollar-single-quotes) [#730]
  • Redirection operators (e.g., < and >) are now highlighted by default [#646]
  • Propertly terminate noglob scope in try/always blocks [#577]
  • Don't error out when KSH\\_ARRAYS is set in the calling scope [#622, #689]
  • Literal semicolons in array assignments (foo=( bar ; baz )) are now highlighted as errors. [3ca93f864fb6]
  • Command separators in array assignments (foo=( bar | baz )) are now highlighted as errors. [#651, 81267ca3130c]
  • Support parameter elision in command position (e.g., $foo ls where $foo is unset or empty) [#667]
  • Don't consider the filename in sudo -e /path/to/file to be a command position [#678]
  • Don't look up absolute directory names in $cdpath [2cc2583f8f12, part of #669]
  • Fix exec 2>&1; being highlighted as an error. [#676]
  • Fix : $(<*) being highlighted as globbing. [#582]
  • Fix cat < * being highlighting as globbing when the MULTIOS option is unset. [#583]
  • Fix echo >&2 highlighting the 2 as a filename if a file by that name happened to exist [#694, part of #645]
  • Fix echo >&- highlighting the - as a filename if a file by that name happened to exist [part of #645]
  • Fix echo >&p highlighting the p as a filename if a file by that name happened to exist [part of #645]
  • Fix wrong highlighting of unquoted parameter expansions under zsh 5.2 and older [e165f18c758e]
  • Highlight global aliases [#700]
  • Highlight : =nosuchcommand' as an error (when theEQUALS` option hasn't been unset). [#430]
  • Highlight reserved word after assignments as errors (e.g., foo=bar (ls;)) [#461]
  • Correctly highlight [[ foo && bar || baz ]].
  • Highlight non-executable files in command position correctly (e.g., % /etc/passwd) [#202, #669]
  • Highlight directories in command position correctly, including AUTO\\_CD support [#669]
  • Recognize env as a precommand (e.g., env FOO=bar ls)
  • Recognize strace as a precommand
  • Fix an error message on stderr before every prompt when the WARN\\_NESTED\\_VAR zsh option is set: \\_zsh\\_highlight\\_main\\_\\_precmd\\_hook:1: array parameter \\_zsh\\_highlight\\_main\\_\\_command\\_type\\_cache set in enclosing scope in function \\_zsh\\_highlight\\_main\\_\\_precmd\\_hook [#727, #731, #732, #733]
  • Fix highlighting of alias whose definitions use a simple command terminator (such as ;, |, &&) before a newline


Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh