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4532 / 4665 logo

A new exporter was added for the Sidekiq Scheduler contrib

It has 3 exposed metrics so far

``` HELP sidekiq\_scheduler\_jobs The number of recurring jobs. TYPE sidekiq\_scheduler\_jobs gauge sideki…

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ADD logo

Two new metrics were added to a standard set

``` HELP sidekiq\_workers The total number of workers across all the processes. TYPE sidekiq\_workers gauge sidekiq\_workers 10

HELP sidekiq\_processes …

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ADD logo

This release allows anyone to introduce their favourite Sidekiq contribs metrics easier and more isolated way. Each contrib now represented by a single exporter file and a template, for instance, a n…

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This metric is gauge which shows the number of seconds spent by the most long-running job in a queue.

P.S Many thanks to ckoenig for making this metric. logo

Nothing serious, just a minor code update to push a new version on Rubygems instead of yanked 0.1.5.


Thanks, tmestdagh for spotting the issue with naming! 🎉 logo

Unfortunately, all tests were passing because I was confused by Pry.rb allow you to get a magical binding via nice call \\_\\_binding\\_\\_.

I've implemented the same, now everything is working

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Because we have a total amount of enqueued jobs per all queues it makes sense to rename queue size to be an enqueued jobs. logo

Calculated as a number of jobs pushed to the queue. logo
  • Fix file descriptor leak in run\\_interactive
FIX logo
  • Adds run\\_interactive to allow pseudo-terminal interaction logo
  • Freeze string literals
  • Fix deprecation warning: Bundler.with\\_clean\\_env has been deprecated in favor of Bundler.with\\_unbundled\\_env
  • Fix missing bundler require - thanks lpender via 6
FIX logo
  • stdout and stderr now keep any trailing newlines at the end of the string. logo
  • Scrub ANSI escape sequences in stdout and stderr
  • Allow environment variables to be unset logo
  • Allows stdin data to be provided when running commands
  • Adds create\\_executable to which writes a file and adds execute permission logo
  • Adds RSpec matchers have\\_stdout, have\\_stderr, have\\_no\\_stdout, & have\\_no\\_stderr.
  • Adds support for RSpec predicate matchers be\\_success & be\\_failure.
  • Requiring jet\\_black/rspe…
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  • Initial release.
  • Memoize Hatchet::App.default\\_buildpack (
  • Fix repository path lookup when custom Hatchet directory set (
  • Hand…
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ADD FIX logo
  • Quiet personal tokens ( is the Ruby community’s gem hosting service.